“David and I have enjoyed a tremendous friendship over the past 10 years and he has undoubtedly helped take my fitness to new levels.. His program is by far the most comprehensive golf fitness training program out there. His creativity and knowledge of peak performance have kept our workouts fun and challenging. ”

– Trevor Immelman View Trevor video testimonial

2008 Masters Champion, 2006 PGA tour Rookie of the Year and 2006 Cialis Western Open Champion

“I would say I’m fitter now than I have been at any time in my career, and Dave Herman has played a big part in that. His training programs are really focused on my needs as a golfer and there’s no question it’s been beneficial to my golf game. He makes training fun and the other key thing is that I’ve got faith in his methods and I trust what he says; which is obviously important for any professional athlete.”

– Ernie Els

Three-time Major Champion and formally World No. 1

“Dave, The best and most enjoyable times of my 17 years as a professional athlete have been our time together.  Your progressive training methods and personality prepare my body, mind and soul.  Life is not a destination, It is an experience .and D.H. the journey with you has been the best rider ever!. All the mountains we have climbed, gives me the strength to reach my summit.”
– Leander Paes View Leander video testimonial

, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992 Olympic Athlete and 4-time Wimbledon Champion and formally World No. 1

“I have worked with Dave Herman since 1999; in that time I have won 4 doubles grandslams and 2 mixed doubles grandslams, as well as approximately 59 WTA tour events. Dave and I have worked hard over the years on my strength as well as my core stability and always keeping my body flexible and healthy. Dave is progressive in his training as well as being incredibly likeable, always making his clients feel number one.”

– Rennae Stubbs View Rennae video testimonial

Three-time Wimbledon Champion and formally World No. 1

“I have been working with David Herman for about 8 years now.  What I have really improved on is my core strength which has translated into less back injuries and more distance from better core rotation. His bands and program have not only helped prolong my professional golf career but have helped me with my daily lifestyle.  I am stronger and fitter than I have been throughout my whole career and now look forward to getting out of bed painfree.”
– Skip Kendall View Kendall video testimonial

Winner 2007 Nationwide Tour’s Chitimacha Louisiana Open

“I met David in the end of 06 season when I was badly injured and had never worked out a day in my life. Working with the bands and Dave’s golf specific routines have increased my speed, flexibility and endurance. Because of my overall physical fitness I have become mentally stronger too…

– Arjun Atwal
View Arjun video testimonial

2008 European Tour’s Malaysian Open Champion

“Thanks for the help and support during the tough time. You brought me back to my ‘A’ game. Your friend Alex”.

– Alex Escobar

Washington Nationals Centerfielder

“Dave has been teaching me the keys to successful physical performance for over 10 years.  My work with Dave has been one of the great joys of my life, as well as a large part of my early success as a golfer.”

– Ty Tryon

Youngest member in history of PGA tour

“Thank you for your devotion to Tyler over these past years!! We appreciate your expertise, your commitment and your friendship.”

– Cindi & David Benzel

Premier junior shortstop Tyler Benzel

“I began working with Dave six months ago, and in that time I have gained tremendous flexibility, endurance, and mental strength on and off the the golf course. Dave’s knowledge for golf fitness is incredible, and when you add his positive energy into the mix it makes for a high energy workout!”

– Jhared Hack

2007 Western Amateur Champion, 2006 Western Junior Champion

“This is my second summer working with Dave and his program has helped me tremendously. The band system we work with has really helped me to get stronger and increase flexibility, as well as the ability to take it on the road with me to keep my fitness at a high level when I am traveling. Dave’s knowledge and help along with a lot of hard work and effort has assisted me in becoming an All- SEC performer and brought me closer to the goal of being a tour player.”

Brad Doster

#1 Men’s Golf, University of Kentucky

“You have made a great difference in Max and his game.  He is blossoming so quickly in every aspect; I am just so excited to see the results after a year.  His self esteem and confidence really show on the field after working with you thanks.”

– Missy Sapp (mother)

Max Sapp Junior National baseball team member, Houston Astros 1st Round Pick

“Dave, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in New York. The work that we did was so important to the my performance at the U.S. Open, I am pleased with my efforts, but am eager to use the Open as a springboard to better results. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Paul Goldstein

10 Year ATP Tour Veteran

“I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Dave Herman for the past 11 weeks.  There is no doubt that i have gotten a lot stronger and fitter with Dave.  We started of on the bands, and slowly we have graduated up to be using the free weights within a short period of time. Dave Herman makes all of the workouts fun, but he also keeps a very good intensity level up in the gym to get me focused that enables me keep my concentration levels high.  Our friendship is ever growing and i know that we have got a long road ahead of us, but the one thing that i am sure of is that Dave Herman is the best fitness trainer to get me to where i want to get to, number 1 in the world as a golfer.”

Rising Star Oscar Sharpe