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12 Techniques

David designs programming specific to each clients goals using his proven ATHLETICITY™ methodology which utilizes his 12 Performance Training Techniques. These core techniques focus on developing the complete athlete. The approach gives the athlete the mindset and athletic ability to mentally and physically perform at their highest levels. The focus is on creating the complete athlete. And the approach is based on four key building blocks of Science, Technology, Principles, and Routines.

  • Evaluate/Assess
  • Recovery Tools
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Assisted Stretching
  • Mobility/Movement
  • Resistance Band Training
  • Weight Training
  • Core Power
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Speed/Agility/Quickness
  • Strategic Periodization Planning


The latest in research findings, trainer experience, and best practices are used ensure the methodology implemented is on the cutting-edge of exercise science and training specs for each sport and age group.


The pivotal equipment is comprised of Flex Technology: free weights, resistance bands, movement bands, speed chains, speed cords, and medicine balls.


The key to a complete athlete is high-performance longevity throughout the season—and his or her career.  The principles are focused on ensuring that the athlete is both injury free and highly trained.


The routines focus on providing sport-specific regiments designed for the gym, road, pre-season, and in-season. The routines are designed to simulate winning performance results.


Dave Herman Performance applies powerful performance training techniques to develop the complete athlete. David Herman helps to instill in athletes the attributes of integrity, discipline, and commitment to ensure their personal success in sport and life.  DHP provides the athlete with the most advanced training methods, innovative training techniques, and continual education to maximize athletic performance and achieve winning results.

Through his many years of developing professional athletes David created a program know as Athleticity™. Integrating Athleticity™ along with his Strategic Periodization Phases creates an platform for breakthrough performances and Championship wins.

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