Were stretching right into spring with two huge WINS by GARY WOODLAND and SANDRA GAL. With the Launch of SuperFlex bands it was an Amazing 2 weeks. We had a feeling it was going to be an awesome year when LEANDER picked up the first WIN of the season at the ATP World Tour event in Chennai, India.

Congratulations Gary! Congratulations Sandra!

Gary Woodland

First PGA WIN for Gary Woodland

GWOOD finished with his first WIN on the PGATour at The Traditions Championships last week. The win moved GARY up to 3rd on the Fed-X Cup standings list and with the win an invitation to next weeks MASTERS in Augusta.



First LPGA WIN for Sandra Gal

SANDRA oh SANDRA backed up GARY yesterday with her first LPGA WIN at the Kia Championships. Her wedge shot into 18 to win was one of the Best Shots we’ve ever seen! WoW!

So at last SuperFlexBands.com has been launched! It took a long time and lot of energy but it was well worth the wait. Were coming with a lot of exciting resistance band exercise, programs, latest training and technology to share with you so check us out!

Our Athletes Training Programs keep evolving and this in-season we’ve moved into a Series Pre-hab programs including dynamic warm-ups, dynamic stretching, full body strengthening , endurance and light load high speed training. Our focus is on getting our athletes and keeping our athletes out of pain!! A pain free athlete is happier, performs better, and stays with the program more consistently which creates superior results by maintaining longer periods peak of performance .

Almost all of our Athletes begin their day with Living Fuel shakes. They are the perfect way to start the day because of their high nutrient values. They are rich in fruits, vegetables, and proteins. They are also fortified with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics. What we’ve found is that there is a boost to the immune system which is resulting in less time lost from viruses and bugs picked up during travel.

Speaking of Living Fuel, We want to personally ‘Thank’ all the Living Fuel staff, KC, Monica, Jeff, Mike and Katie for all their help and support with the successful Launch of SuperFlexBands.com. Also thanks for getting the product out so quickly to the athletes. You are the model for customer service!

So remember if you want to physically peak. Train out of Pain!

So stay Stretched and SuperFlexed!

Coach D